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Steven K. Patterson

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Violent Crimes

When you are under investigation for or have been charged with a violent crime, you need strong and experienced representation by a criminal defense attorney and you need it immediately. You want an attorney who will make certain that your rights are fully protected from the beginning of the process and that you do not say or do anything that could jeopardize your defense.

At the Law Offices of Steven K. Patterson, we have protected the rights of people charged with violent crimes for over 20 years. As the best criminal defense attorney, Mr. Patterson has a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system in Dutchess County, Columbia County and Putnam County. His knowledge, coupled with experience and strong working relationships with local prosecutors and judges, allows him to work to protect your rights.

When you hire Steven K. Patterson to defend you on a violent crime, he will take the time to fully walk through all the charges with you, explaining the law and the process, as well as your options and likelihood of acquittal or reduction of the charges. He will also conduct a thorough review of the investigation and arrest to determine whether your constitutionally protected rights were violated.

Mr. Patterson will also examine all the evidence to identify potential defenses. Did you act in self-defense or to protect the safety of others? If there are witnesses, how believable are they? Has evidence been tampered with? Can the facts be interpreted to create a reasonable doubt?

Steven K. Patterson will always look at ways to minimize the consequences of a conviction, including diversionary or treatment programs when violent crimes are tied to drug problems.

Serious Defense for Serious Crimes

Steven K.  Patterson protects the rights of people charged with violent crimes, including: